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You build websites. You’re used to change. Here’s what we see coming in 2023 and beyond. From Edge Computing to Serverless Computing, we’ll help you stay ahead.

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A person in front of a monitor learning about cumulative layout shift

Your WordPress Site Might Have a CLS Problem (Cumulative Layout Shift)

Ever heard of CLS? It’s when content displays incorrectly, or “shifts”, on certain device screen sizes. CLS hurts your SEO and frustrates visitors. We’ll show you how to find and fix it on your WordPress (or any) site!

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A person figuring out why wordpress could not insert attachment into the database

How To Fix the “WordPress Could Not Insert Attachment Into the Database” Error

Using good images helps get your message across to your audience. If you are seeing this error message, a few things could be going wrong. We’ll show you how to best manage your media and fix this error.

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Have You Sped Up Your WordPress Site for Free Yet?  

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Have you heard? Our new Edge Caching feature can serve your WordPress site up to 80% faster (or more). This new feature is free with all WordPress plans.



Which Tech Should You Invest In for 2023?

Illustration: Vagrant and Docker logos on two screens

Vagrant vs. Docker

The pressure is always on to ship work better and faster. Vagrant and Docker can help. Vagrant helps you manage virtual machines. Docker helps you package your dependencies. We’ll show you how both work and can even be used together.

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illustration representing python vs java

Python vs. Java

While you can use both Python and Java for general-purpose programming, your choice depends on your comfort level and the specifics of your project. We’ll explain key differences in ease of use, syntax, performance, libraries, and more.

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Watch and code along with Drew, expert DevOps instructor (and former nuclear engineer), in a brand new Node.js Full Stack Developer course. Learn about Node.js, npm, EJS, MariaDB, and Express while you build a photo-sharing app. It's free!



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Host Maria posing with their two thumbs up. Plus, an on-screen texts reading,

3 Ways To Create a WooCommerce Members-Only Store

Offering special members-only perks can help your bottom line and ensure a predictable cash flow. Here’s how you can add members-only functionality to your WooCommerce store.

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Host Alisha posing with their two pointing fingers up. Plus, an on-screen texts reading,

How To Fix HTTP Error 407 “Proxy Authentication Required”

This pesky error can make your content inaccessible, causing a drop in sales or conversations. We’ll show you its root cause, tools to debug your site, and easy fixes to resolve the issue.

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The Web Is Changing

Gone are the days of hosting your apps, databases, and WordPress sites all over the place with complicated, mismatched control panels. Kinsta is your modern home for ALL your apps and sites. Manage it all with your MyKinsta dashboard.

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