Dive into Headless WordPress, leverage Static Websites, and command with Kinsta Web Terminal. Explore these and more!
Application, Database, and Managed WordPress Hosting

The Kinsta API: Automate and Integrate your WordPress Sites, Apps, and Databases


Use our new REST API to retrieve data, perform actions, make deployments, or automate workflows. It works with all your Kinsta-hosted WordPress sites, apps, and databases!  

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What Is a Static Website? The Absolute Beginner’s Guide

Static websites are great for projects with simple needs and limited resources... and if you need to launch that website ASAP. Learn more here.

How To Create a Headless WordPress Site With React.js

With Headless WordPress, compatibility is never an issue. Combine WordPress and React.js for a dynamic, interactive website. Learn how in our step-by-step guide.

JavaScript Features You Need to Know to Master React

Building React apps can be tricky (if not impossible) without understanding some JavaScript features. Here are the JavaScript essentials you need before you jump into React.

Top 15 React UI Component Libraries

No need to code every React component or feature from scratch! Save yourself the hassle and stress with these 15 best React UI component libraries to use in your next project.


New: Optimize Your App Management With Web Terminal

Kinsta Web Terminal

Enjoy seamless access to your app’s command line, effortlessly run scripts, debug and securely monitor performance, and customize commands to your app’s needs! Perfect for on-the-go script execution and performance tracking.

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Explore the advantages of headless WordPress. But remember, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Gain insights from Maciek Palmowski's expert perspective.  

The Problem With Sticky Menus and What to Do Instead
Using a sticky menu on your site? Though handy on long pages, they can hinder UX more than you'd think. Adam Silver talks about simple tweaks to improve usability.

AI Website Builder
10 minutes. That's how long it took us to create a simple website with this tool. It goes beyond building your site, as it can even write your content for you!

Space Elevator
Ever wondered what you can create with JS and CSS? You can ride up to space and explore Earth’s atmosphere—virtually, that is. Take it from Neal Agarwal’s amazing creations.  


New Enhancement: Manual Database Backups

Our Database Hosting now features manual backups and restores all from within your MyKinsta dashboard. You now have five manual backup slots stored for 14 days, and they don’t count against your plan’s monthly storage.

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