In this issue: a new DevKinsta release, implementing domain privacy, Node.js vs Golang, top Linux commands, and much more...
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With our Cloudflare integration, Kinsta customers will benefit from a more secure firewall with included DDoS protection, HTTP/3 support, wildcard SSLs, and more.

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Release of DevKinsta Version 2.2.0

Version 2.2.0 of DevKinsta is now available for update and download! This release features new checks for disk usage, updates to PHP versioning, improved database credential management, and more.

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An Introduction to Domain Privacy (And How to Implement It)

Learn how to handle domain privacy and implement it on your domain so that everyone can't see your private info on the WHOIS database.

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Node.js vs Golang: Which Is Best for Your Project?

Node.js vs Golang — what are the biggest differences behind these two major programming languages that compete for backend development?

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The 40 Most-Used Linux Commands You Should Know

Linux is one of the most popular operating systems among professionals. In this article, you'll learn about the 40 most-used Linux commands.

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Featured Videos from Kinsta 📹


How to Archive a Website: Our Mammoth Guide to Saving Your Site

Ready to archive your site? Good news: it's a reasonably user-friendly process.

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How to Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts and Addresses in One Inbox

Want to manage multiple Gmail accounts and addresses from one inbox? Learn more about this time-saving tool right here!

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Featured Episodes from Reverse Engineered 🎙


"We do want people to feel like there's an open door."

Brad's journey into 10up is unique. He first approached the agency as co-founder of Lift UX to see how the two agencies could work together on some upcoming projects. What he unexpectedly left with was an acquisition offer. Fast forward almost four years and Brad is now Vice President of New Client Strategy at 10up, a company that has almost doubled in size since he first joined.

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"Just because someone is paying you doesn't mean that you have to let them keep paying you."

Since 2015, Credo has helped 5,000+ companies find the right digital marketing firms for their needs. Founder and CEO John Doherty joins our Reverse Engineered podcast to discuss some of the right ways and wrong ways to grow a business (he's experienced them both) as well as some of the things he swears by, like calendar organization, playbooks, and automation.

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"You want to escape that honeymoon phase as quickly as possible and get into the real work."

Having been at Google for 14 years and been part of several large products like Google Drive and Google Fonts, David Wurtz knows a thing or two about getting products off the ground.

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